Mold: How Much It Could Cost You!

These days everyone is paying more attention to their health. So the question is: why not take the same care in maintaining your living area? There are all kinds of health concerns in the home, some are easy to deal with, some are not so simple. One of the more controversial health hazards in the … Continued

You’re in California! Life is a Stage – So is Your Home!

What is Home Staging? Home staging prepares a home for sale, and for the dozens of enquiring eyes that will be scouring the property looking for flaws. It creates an image of the perfectly decorated home, in move-in condition. This should be the next step after decluttering, cleaning and repairing your home. The changes may … Continued

Sell House Fast Los Angeles California

Sell House Fast Los Angeles CA! When changes happen in your life – for good or bad – you may have to face the need to sell your Los Angeles home and sell it quick. If you need to move you probably don’t want the anxiety or cost of trying to sell from another town … Continued

Sell Your Los Angeles House in 60 Seconds

Sell Your Los Angeles House in the first 60 seconds Selling your house is all about creating the right impression instantly. This first impression will override any little faults found later down the line. The first impression has a remarkable affect on the brain of the buyer. It says to a buyer ” I want to to live … Continued

Sell a Home in Los Angeles for Free

Sell a Home for Free in Los Angeles When selling or buying a home, the realtor commissions can take a serious bite out of your profit. Here’s a detailed approach on how to sell a home for free  in the Los Angeles area without commissions. Sell Your Los Angeles House For Free When many people think of … Continued

Avoid Legal Battles over Broker Commissions in California

Avoid Legal Battles over Broker Commissions in California Commission agreements that spell out how brokers are paid typically use form documents. The commission formula sometimes changes, but the terms and conditions usually stay the same. Consequently standard terms and conditions of commission agreements are often ignored by brokers and owners once the agreement is signed. … Continued

Do This Before Listing Your House in Long Beach

Do This Before Listing Your House in Long Beach Want to Increase Your Equity When Selling Your Home? – Think of Your Home as a Financial Asset A transition takes place when you begin the process of selling your home. You see your home not as a home, but as a financial asset, and the … Continued