The real estate market is always on the move and so are we, at Fair House Offer – We Buy Houses in Los Angeles, we put our expertise at your disposal and make selling your property as easy as apples. At times following the traditional way of selling your home can be challenging, with all the regulations attached to it along with the conventions of the market – you are looking at a time period of over a month easily. And then depending on the location, the condition of your home and your personal finances and money owed to the bank the process can be a lengthy one.

Needless to say you’ll find yourself filling out a mountain of paper work, meeting with lawyers, estate companies and then finally maybe, just maybe a prospective buyer will turn up. That is if your real estate agent is efficient enough to spread the word for you. And when it’s all said and done you still have to wait for a certain time period before you can actually claim your money.

So – what you’re really looking at is jumping through hoops to get what you want – and even then the price you want isn’t exactly guaranteed. Indeed a lengthy, exhaustive and frustrating process. At the end of which you feel completely drained and devoid of any hope for the future.


Well – wipe that grim look of your face because we at Fair House Offer believe in fast tracking this whole process just for you. And we do it in the nick of time as well, we specialize in buying residential properties ranging from $100,000 and $1,300,000, primarily dealing in properties based in Los Angeles County and Orange County our services now extend to encompass the entire Southern California region. What’s more, to us it doesn’t matter what condition your house is in – it could be in immaculate condition or completely in need to refurbishment, we take on the challenge of selling it in the minimum time period possible.


It’s simple, all you need to do is fill out some information on our website including your address, name and an email address. We look into the area your home is based in, use our network of representatives to access the price you want against what the market can pay off quickly and voila within a week’s time we guarantee you cash in your pocket. Yes! It really is that simple.

And to top it all off, we spare you the complex details and don’t bother with you with the legalities either. All you need do today is fill in your address and let us know what price you are looking at and we’ll line up prospective buyers for you. Similarly we don’t tie you up for weeks, giving you offers and then pull out at the last second – when we get you an offer we guarantee cash against it.

It really is that simple.

Another advantage is the fact that we don’t really bother looking into the condition of your home. For us a house is a house, so you may have kept it in immaculate condition or it may even require some fixes here and there – that’s okay with us. The price will reflect your demand and our response time will simply amaze you.


Thanks for visiting our website today, we have a ton of information on what we can do for you today and how we achieve that. Of course for more information you can always get in touch with us by calling 310-691-3119 or filling out our form at www.lahousebuyers.net. To get on the selling ladder today simply fill in the information in the fields given on the top of the page, once you’ve submitted them we get right to work for you and within a week we’ll be done.

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